Hey. This is Brad Montgomery from BradMontgomery.com. Welcome to this recording. We're calling it the time machine. Here is the premise. One of the games I love to play with my friends when we're sitting around having a beer, or with my family, or with my kids, or even with myself is this: What advice would you give yourself if you were able to go magically in a time machine and go talk back to a younger version of yourself. What advice, given your experience and education, would you tell the younger version of you? And that's what, more or less, this recordings about. 

I'm going to tell you my best advice that I would give anybody including myself, but if I were to give you. If you're somewhere on the path to being a motivational speaker or professional speaker, if you're somewhere on the path of being a professional entertainer, my plan is to give you some of the lessons I've learned just from being in the trenches. Not necessarily because I'm brilliant or awesome, but mostly just because I've been through it, and I'm older now on a more experienced now, and I'm going to tell you the stuff I wish I knew then. So, having said that let's get to it.

14 Secrets Every Entertainer Should Know

Brad teaches his younger self the lessons he's learned from being a professional magician and keynote speaker.

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