Art Grueneberger

How to Make $250,000 a Year with Corporate Contracts

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Art Grueneberger is a Director, Producer, and Puppeteer. Art became fascinated by puppetry while pursuing a degree in teaching. In his last year of college, he took a puppetry course that took him off teaching path and onto a successful career as a puppeteer. He mentored under master puppeteer Richard Bay where he performed for countless audiences and was encouraged to build his own shows.

In 1995, he founded Puppet Art Theater Company which now has eighteen productions that tour nationwide completing more than 600 performances every year. He also builds and tours educational shows for government agencies, corporations, and other organizations to deliver customized messages to audiences.

In this episode, Art discusses his journey to becoming a full time puppeteer. He talks about how he started his company and why he started hiring people to perform his shows. He also discusses how he makes $250,000 a year with contracts with companies for multiple shows.

Show Notes:

Puppet Arts

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