Freya West

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How to Diversify Your Income and Make a Living with Burlesque

Freya West is an award-winning burlesque performer, teacher & writer. She headlined Iceland’s first burlesque show in 2011, has represented international brands including Dos Equis and Prilosec, and she is sponsored by MAC Cosmetics. Her writing on body image & burlesque has been featured in numerous publications including the Huffington Post. Freya is the director of the Alley Cat Cabaret at the legendary Skulls Rainbow Room, the producer of the Nashville Burlesque Festival, and is the headmistress of Delinquent Debutantes.

In this episode, Freya talks about the steps she took to become a full time burlesque performer, how she started teaching classes, how to work corporate events, and gain sponsorships. She also talks about how she uses Patreon to maximize her income potential.

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